Artist Statement, Jacob M. Fisher

Jacob M. Fisher is the founder and lead artist at studioSPACEnyc. Below is his artist statement.

My work allows me to escape the everyday through reflection. Love, loss, and nostalgia guide my practice as an artist.

After graduating from Bard College, I left school with one simple goal in mind: to bring my work to as many people as possible. It was never my intention to make art for galleries, but rather for everyday, unexpected environments. This goal evolved when I partnered with Richard J. Heby to form studioSPACEnyc. With his business and media experience combined with my background in art, we were able to bring the work to a wider audience.

My process is highly repetitive and obsessive. It’s a means of introspection and escape. I attempt to activate those same experiences in my viewers. Installation art has been an opportunity to inspire emotion in people. My work is interactive and accessible – viewers can walk in it, under it, around it. Ultimately, these moments of interactivity, imagination, and reflection conjure the concept of play in my work. My aesthetic finds a place between organic and synthetic by contrasting the forces of gravity, light, and energy.

I transform common environments through my installation art, creating multisensory, interactive experiences. My work combines physical and digital inputs and outputs. The hope is that viewers can have moments of reflection by experiencing my work. If they can disconnect from the everyday and find a more spectacular reality – even for just a moment – I can consider my work a success.