YTG Agency

an experiential artist agency

We're an experiential art agency combining artist ingenuity with client goals to tell multisensory brand stories. We specialize in curating art and design assets for brand and experiential campaigns.

WHAT WE DO, Building Art Experiences.

YTG Agency creates memorable moments by collaborating with brands & agencies for brand campaigns, experiential marketing activations, and events. We deploy a roster of emerging artists, designers, fabricators, and performers across multiple disciplines to accomplish experiential marketing goals.

We work closely with our creative talent to bridge the gaps between clients and create branded art and design that aligns with client marketing goals and brand objectives. The end product is accessible art experiences that organically drive social engagement and strengthen brand-customer sentiment.

WHAT WE OFFER, Experiential Art Services: 


We represent a select group of dynamic emerging artists who have mastered their mediums to create experiential moments in their work. We give our artists the platform, resources, and direction to apply their unique work and style and create awe-inspiring moments and unforgettable brand stories.


We closely work with clients to select the right artist(s) from our roster to build the perfect brand experience. We support our clients by understanding KPIs and highlighting brand goals and company objectives. We work collaboratively to add the element of art and experience to their concepts.

CURATE Art for Experiences

YTG Agency has meticulously selected a dynamic roster of artists, who are pioneers in their respective fields. Through these artists, YTG Agency applies the best-fitting art and design features to clients goals. We construct amazing experiences and create unforgettable stories.

Design Services

Whether you’re seeking design for your next event or a permanent design for yours or your client’s space, you have a right to expect stunning aesthetics that are in-line with your creative vision. Working with the talent at YTG Agency guarantees that you get the logistical and design expertise to bring your aesthetic vision to life.

Custom Fabrication

Beyond artist and design services, our team can handle all types of fabrication requirements. From custom-built display cases, to set design, and more. We have a network of fabricators, designers, and builders that can create anything according to your specs or vision. From blueprint, to delivery and install, we’re well equipped to fulfill on any need for experiential design.

DELIVER Art for Brands & Events

We take a hands-on collaborative approach with the goal of making awe-inspiring work. YTG Agency acts as the liaison between artist and brand, organizing the entire process from proposal to delivery. Beyond the art, our additional abilities include (but are not limited to) fabrication, on-site coordination, permits, vendor outsourcing, and creative consultation. By overseeing projects from start to finish, we ensure our clients will always receive the best possible project outcome. Through partnering with the YTG Agency team, you get the opportunity to activate an inviting environment for your brand, event, or campaign.