YTG Agency
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About Us

 About Us:

YTG Agency works with a select group of artists to bring their work to the greater public through brand and event activations. Our team –including our groundbreaking artists – works with your creative and marketing personnel to curate the right experience for the space and moment we’re building. 

studioSPACEnyc was founded in September of 2016 and since then has evolved from a being solely an installation art + design studio led by artist, Jacob M Fisher, into a multifaceted experiential art agency representing emerging and underrepresented artists. In July of 2018 studioSPACEnyc rebranded as YTG Agency to more accurately reflect the company's new business model.

Richard J. Heby, Founder and Director, leads a group of artists tasked with creating large-scale, often interactive, artwork for experiences and and permanent use.