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Scope of Work

Scope of Work

studioSPACEnyc is an installation art and design studio creating interactive art, for branding and events.

Art for Branding

We work with clients and brands to create branded art that aligns with their marketing goals and social objectives. We create organic experiences with which people want to engage on social media. But beyond that, we create lasting multisensory experiences. Our work inspires content and social ripples. By partnering with the studioSPACenyc team, you can activate an inviting environment for your event or brand. An environment that enables social engagement. In turn, your audience will engage with and promote your brand naturally.

Site Specific Installation Art

During the planning phase of any site-specific installation art piece, the studioSPACE team will complete a systematic regiment from render to rigging, with special attention to the space and the client. Our objective is to translate the client's vision into physical space, as installation art. Whether we're working in experiential marketing, branding, design, or social and influencer campaigns, the process is still the same.

Our signature installation piece is scalable to any size and modular enough for any space. We often incorporate digtal projections into our site-specific installations, in order to create dynamic, compelling visual effects, which can promote branding or communicate a message. Many of our art pieces incorporate digital or natural inputs and outputs that make the works interactive and engaging. Physical engagement.