The studioSPACE LAB gives an inside look into what's happening at studioSPACEnyc. We will updating this page frequently, featuring experiments, prototypes, and in-progress projects at the studio. To see the latest from the studioSPACE LAB, email us to set up a private studio visit.


JUNE 2017:


In this video we tested new projections on one of our modular string installation. This specific piece is approximately 8' x 8' x 8' and is made up of roughly 2000 pieces of white and pink nylon mason line. We have started testing how the projection mapped imagery changes depending on the vantage point of the viewer. In this video we experiment with how the installation looks when it is viewed from below, rather then straight on. 


We recently started testing how projection mapped videos interact with nylon mason line that have distinct shapes. For this test, we have flattened sphere rice paper lanterns and attached nylon mason line along the perimeter of the flattened lantern. The lanterns were attached to the ceiling and the  suspended string created a cylinder shape. As the projections hit the cylinder string form, a moving circular shape was created. See photos below the video to understand what the space and work looked like prior to the lights being turned off and projector being turned on.