About studioSPACEnyc

studioSPACEnyc is a New York City based design team creating interactive & experiential installation art.

The team combines the experiences of lead artist Jacob M Fisher and marketing lead Richard J Heby. They founded studioSPACEnyc in September 2016 to focus on merging physical and digital worlds to transform spaces.

Our studio creates interactive, visceral installation work that inspires social media engagement. We challenge convention to transform the mundane into the spectacular, and redefine how way people interact with and experience their environments. The installations inspire visceral experiences, the byproduct of which is shareable social media content. We create interactive work that viewers feel inclined to engage with and respond to through social media platforms.

Working primarily through the medium of string art, our interactive art installations create memorable moments. As viewers interact with our installations they alter them. Viewers complete the work by being in it. They take photos and videos and thus create permanent artifacts of these memorable moments. Using string art and other physical objects, we're able to escape the distractions of our modern, social world. We enter a new frame of mind through creation and sensation.

We often think of the digital world as temporary and the physical world as permanent but it’s not so simple. For example, while it seems that our social media posts are here for a moment then gone, their digital footprints exist forever. On the other hand, traditional physical installation art seems permanent. But it’s subject to the ephemeral nature of all physical things. String art is an ideal medium because it has qualities of permanent and ephemeral.

Additional Information

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