Jacob M Fisher

BangOn! NYC Time + Space Party

City:Brooklyn, NY

Date:December 2016

Location485 Johnson Avenue, Warehouse


studioSPACEnyc teamed up with BangOn!NYC to create a site-specific installation for there annual New Years Eve “Time+Space Party” Titled wh∉n lit∉ ⊤r∆v∉ls ⊤hr∅ugh sp∆c∉. The piece was situated in a 30,000 SQ Bushwick warehouse, suspended from the ceiling at the warehouse's entrance. All 2000 attendees had to pass underneath the installation as they entered the event in 2016, and once again as they left the event in 2017, a journey through art and time. The piece was suspended from 28ft ceilings and hovered 14ft above the ground, with projections mapped onto over 3000 pieces of mason line.