Jacob M fisher

Freeform Upfront Event

City:New York, NY

Date: April 2017

Location: Hudson Mercantile


The piece was optimized for social media engagement. The installation served two distinct purposes:

The first, a creative and unique alternative to the generic “step & repeat” commonly seen at events similar to this. As VIP’s & On-Air Talent entered the event, they interacted with the installation as photographers and videographers shot and filmed them. This content was then uploaded onto social media platforms. Network logos and branded content was projected onto the installation to ensure the network's brand was clearly represented.

The installation also served as an event activation, engaging and entertaining the 500+ attendees as they waited on elevators to transport them to other floors in the venue. Guests were also photographed and filmed guests as they interacted with the artwork. This content was then uploaded onto social media portals where they could view and share images of them interacting with the art installation on social media platforms.